Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are You Preparing or Just Waiting

There are many women who are "waiting" on GOD for their GOD-appointed husbands, and while this may be admirable, it can also be error.  The general mindset for waiting women is: I'm ready for my husband.  I'm just waiting on him to find me.  Such thinking comes from a common mindset found in women, and that mindset is: Every relationship I was in that failed was the fault of the man, so therefore, I am just waiting on that one man who will appreciate what the last man didn't appreciate.  Here's the thing: That last guy (and every guy before him) got with you because you had a void, sin, or a lack of understanding that opened the door for him to enter into your life.  This means you were NOT ready to be found by your GOD-appointed husband, thus the reason you ended up being discovered outside the will of GOD by the wrong man.  In other words, you do need a change of heart after all. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare in 2015

Hello everyone! Check out my latest radio feature entitled The Reality of Spiritual Warfare in 2015! Be blessed!

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