Wise Her Still is a Christian movement geared at teaching the women of GOD to pursue holiness and the plans of GOD, rather than pursuing relationships. Our goal is to equip believing women for life (and their GOD-appointed spouses) by helping them to focus on changing their lives by changing their minds.
My Assignment

1. To encourage holiness and discourage worldliness in women.  One of the most beautiful cloaks a woman can wear is holiness, but the world (and some of the church) encourages women to spend countless hours adorning the outer woman (flesh), while starving the inner woman (spirit).  When GOD delivered me from worldliness and worldly thinking, HE taught me that the beauty that draws HIS favor is the same beauty that draws Mr. GOD-ordained, and that beauty is holiness.  It's okay to beautify the outer woman, but it is far better to beautify your spirit.

2. To restore the women of GOD.  Many women have been broken by this world and the people in it.  I was once one of those women, and GOD healed, restored and delivered me, and HE wants to do the same thing for all of HIS daughters.

3. To teach life skills, and to encourage women to walk in their purpose and not their pain.  Because of the challenges many women have faced in their lives, they've discounted themselves.  Many women don't believe they are "good enough" for certain jobs, people and opportunities, and this isn't true.  My assignment is to encourage women to let the WORD not only rebuild them, but to let the WORD prosper them.

4.  To bridge knowledge with understanding, so the women of GOD will prosper.  Some women have knowledge of what the WORD says, but they have no understanding.  Because they lack understanding, they lack the ability to find peace, wait in patience, and find their wealthy place.  My assignment is to bridge knowledge with understanding so the women of GOD will cross over into the will of GOD, and live happily ever after.

5. To help the women of GOD come out of mental bondage, and to testify of what GOD has delivered me from.  In sharing my testimonies, I hope to encourage you to share your testimonies, for the Bible says that they were set free by the Blood of the Lamb and the power of their testimonies.  So many women walk in bondage today because they're too ashamed to testify.
My Confession

I'm not the woman who comes forward to say I made the right choices; I come forward as one of the women who made many, many wrong choices because of lack of knowledge, rebellion and self-pity. Because of the choices I made, I ended up being married twice and going through two divorces. I thought that there was a way around the WORD of GOD, and I had to go through the refining fire of the truth before I finally and completely surrendered my life to GOD. When my sins came against me to collect the wages owed, I cried out to GOD and HE delivered me. HE not only delivered me, but HE gave me an assignment: Warn the women of GOD about the devices and schemes of the enemy, and encourage them to return to their first love: JEHOVAH. My goal is to reach the unreachable, to speak restoration to the broken-hearted, and to chase away the lies that the enemy has planted amongst believing women. Be sure to follow this blog... ...I intend to tell you everything that GOD lays on my heart to tell you with no filters.
The Lies The Enemy Told Me
I want to share with you some of the lies that the enemy told me because these lies are the very same lies he's likely told you or someone you know. 

1. No one is perfect. 
Truth: JESUS is perfect and we need HIM.

2. You can sin to get what you want now, and repent later. 
Truth: I found out that every seed we sow is blessed or contaminated by the soil we plant it in. When we sow good intentions into evil soil, transgression is conceived and chaos is born. There is no right way to sin, and you can't find a blessing in sin.

3. That man was just hurt by his mother, life, and other women. You can love him past his pain, and when you do, he'll rise up one day and love you for it.
Truth: Only GOD can restore a man and only GOD can change a man.  The enemy wanted to cost me my life by sending me into relationships with men who were content in their brokenness.

4. You can lead that man to CHRIST. 
Truth: GOD has been trying to lead that man to CHRIST long before you came into the picture. If he won't follow GOD, what makes you think he'll be led by you?

5. It's your fault that he hit you. You shouldn't have gotten in his face.
Truth: Men are naturally stronger than women, and GOD gave them that strength so they can be protectors for the wives they've been entrusted with. Anytime a man uses his strength against you, it's way past time to leave that relationship. Sure, you should NEVER hit a man, but at the same time, there is no justifiable reason for a man to hit you.

6. You're worthless.
Truth: If that's the case, CHRIST wouldn't have paid the ultimate price for us.

7.  You should just kill yourself, and that's when he'll understand just how much he's hurt you.
Truth: The devil is a liar!  There is no man worth dying for...EVER!  Besides, if you "off" yourself for an ungodly man, he'll use your death as a way to gain pity from other women.  No thanks.  You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the LORD!

8. You can't minister to nobody!  You've been married and divorced...twice!
Truth: Liar, liar...pants literally on fire!  If GOD could use Saul (a killer of the Prophets), and he could become one of the most used Apostles, GOD can use me and you.  The enemy will always try to make you look at your "failures" instead of your GOD.

9. You've done some pretty atrocious things in your life and GOD is still mad at you.
Truth: I'm covered by the Blood of JESUS; therefore, my sins are forgiven, and GOD has tossed them away in the sea of forgetfulness.  I'm a new creature, my mind is renewed, and GOD'S mercies are renewed each day.

10. It's not your time to be used by GOD yet.  Just sit back and wait on GOD.
Truth: When GOD calls you, it's your time.  When you were young, would you have waited fifteen minutes to answer your mother after she's called your name?  No, because you'd be in trouble.  You'd answer her the minute you heard your name called.  The same goes with GOD.  When HE calls you, you should answer immediately.