Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Premarital Kissing for Me...Here's Why

I've been added to many singles' groups on Facebook, and I often see the question asked to single women, "Would you be willing to wait until marriage to kiss your guy, or will you kiss him while courting?"  I'm often curious as to the mindsets of today's modern Christian, so I normally read the comments before responding.  Sometimes, I choose not to respond to such questions because I'm so passionate about my beliefs that I know my stance could come off as judgmental, when it is not.  Like most women, I've shared premarital kisses with the wrong men, and of course, if you know my story, I was married twice.  I was God's rebellious child: the infamous Prodigal Daughter who went away to sample the forbidden pleasures of life.  My mind was twisted and I believed I could find a blessing in sin.  I was that girl who most folks didn't think could be saved...even some of the folks in the church.  Nevertheless, God changed me and I made up my mind to wait.