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In Wise Her Still Too, I featured the stories of five women who'd dealt with abandonment, rape and betrayal.  I also wrote several fictional stories that most women could relate to.  These stories have helped women around the world to embrace the healing and restorative power of JESUS CHRIST.  Now, it's almost time to do it again.
I will be publishing the third installation of Wise Her Still in 2015, and I'd love to share your story.  If you'd like to feature your story in Wise Her Still, simply submit a shortened version of your story in the form below.  If I like your story and believe that it will help the women of GOD, I will contact you with submission details.

Please note that not every story will be accepted.  Additionally, there will be three versions of Wise Her Still (third installation): The main book, the Book of Testimonies, and a surprise book (details forthcoming).  In the main book, the stories will be longer and more detailed, but the Book of Testimonies will feature short testimonies and lessons as submitted by you.  You can apply for one or both books.  Writers will not earn royalties from their stories.

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  1. Hello My Name is Yvonne and I cant say enough how much I appreciate this site. While I am yet preparing myself I have been truly blessed by your words of inspiration. This is good!!