Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Plight of the "Average" Woman

He's smart, handsome, cute and successful. He's everything you think you want in a man. And best of all, he's interested in you....Yes you! So, you bat your eyes and put on your widest grin. It appears your wait is over. It appears you've been found, and the man who's found you is perfect for you. This guy is so good, you're determined to lock him in. Like any good investor, you decide to put an offer on the table for him. You're offering him the best of you, and all he has to do is give you his last name. Nevertheless, before he accepts the offer, he wants to take you for a test run to see if you're worth your asking price, and because you don't want to let that one get away, you decide to passive-aggressively accept his offer. No, you won't open your mouth and say you're willing to let him have sex with you in hopes that he'll take you to somebody's altar and marry you. Instead, you decide to pretend that the random and somewhat spontaneous sex was an unplanned event that you're not too happy about. Once he comforts you, however, you begin to relax a little and you stop pretending that you got “caught up in the moment” and you just start letting “it” happen. You are officially in a sexual relationship and you make no apologies for it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christian Women Who Prefer Worldly Men

Hey guys!  My sister in the LORD (Davinia Tigerlily) invited me on the Sir Walter Jones Show and the show was informative and awesome.  Check it out.