Monday, September 5, 2016

The Journey of a Thousand Words

Words.  They're everywhere.  We hear them everyday; some are disproving and some are approving.  Nevertheless, every word released in the atmosphere has to land somewhere.  It is given life by the person who's spoken it, but it can be cancelled out or received by the person it was spoken for or against.  We get to decide whether someone's words about us successfully land in our hearts or if they fall by the wayside.  We have the power and authority to override words.

Louann Brizendine, a researcher from the University of California, conducted a study to see how many words the average person spoke each day.  She concluded that women speak an average of 20,000 words a day, whereas, the average man only speaks 7,000 words a day.  There are other researchers out who argue that these claims have never been validated, but as a woman, I think it's safe to say that women do talk remarkably more than men (on average).  Therefore, with so many words being released into the atmosphere, can you imagine how many weapons are released every day?  Can you imagine how many of them have been released against you in your lifetime?  Think of it this way.  According to, there are a total of 3.52 billion women in this world.  If each woman speaks 20,000 words a day, that would mean that over seven quadrillion words are spoken a day by women alone and only 30 percent of them are Christian.