In Purpose, On Purpose




Need I dare say, you have to find who you are outside of a man?  You need to know your true identity (purpose) outside of being some man's wife.  If you don't know who you are in CHRIST, you have not yet completed the first round of Christian living: finding yourself.

The enemy has convinced many women that they are nothing more than sex toys, baby mamas, and invisible nobodies.  Because of this, in the church today, there are many women who are overly obsessed with the idea of marriage, to the point where they're straddling idolatry.  We are living in a transitional time; a time when old traditional values and modern day thinking are at odds with one another.  We're in a time when many men want old-fashioned wives with modern-day traits.  For example, many men want wives who will happily cook everyday, maintain the house, and rear the children.  All the same, they want wives who work eight hour jobs and help them pay the bills.  We live in a time when women are cast as nothing more than overly-sexed creatures who are only valuable when lying down.  We live in a time when, as a woman, you absolutely (without a question or doubt) had better wait on your GOD-appointed husband, otherwise, you may end up married to a man with warped thinking.  You had better know who you are if you want to succeed in this lifetime!


I was talking with my mother the other day, and somehow, we got on the topic of Psychiatrists and Psychiatry.  I felt a surge of relief as I confessed how thankful I was that I hadn't gone to school for Psychiatry.  After all, for most of my life, I'd said I wanted to be a Psychiatrist, and now that I'm grown, I am confident that had I pursued that goal, I would have been miserable.  That's because I wouldn't have been walking in my GOD-appointed purpose; instead, I would have been climbing an invisible ladder towards man's version of success.

Who I am is not who I wanted to be.  I had to come to understand that I have a purpose here in the earth realm, just like you have a purpose.  But the world taught us that we had to create paths for ourselves, and the people who are "successful" are the ones who's spent a tenth of their lives in college being filled with another man's knowledge.  Success, to the world, is measured by how much money you make, and the titles that precede your name.  GOD doesn't label us as successful, however, HE labels us as blessed.  To be blessed means to be supernaturally empowered to succeed.  To tap into the blessings of GOD, we have to get the WORD of GOD inside of our hearts, and it is then, that we can tap into the abundance that has been afforded to us through the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST.  In other words, if we want to tap into our purpose, we have to let the WORD in, so that the WORD can instruct us.

Your natural name is the name associated with your sin nature.  It's what your parents named you, and it's the name that everyone knows you by.  But when GOD calls you, HE often calls you by a different name; a name not associated with your sin nature.  As you probably know, many of the people in the Bible had their names revealed to them by the LORD (Abram became Abraham, Sarai became Sarah, Jacob became Israel, Simon became Peter, Saul became Paul, etc.).
Your new name is the name associated with your purpose, and it's locked away in the WORD of GOD, only to be revealed to you when the WORD comes into your heart.


Purpose manifested is automatic success (as we know it).  When you let GOD instruct you, and you follow HIS lead, you'll find yourself walking outside of your understanding and reaching heights you'd never dreamed you'd reach.  Again, the enemy has convinced many women that they are nothing more than worthless creatures who's only valuable assets are their vaginas.  As we all well know, the devil is a liar, and any woman who's trusted GOD and stepped outside of her understanding can testify to the amazing power of GOD, and the revelation of purpose manifested.


I remember being around ten or eleven years old.  I used to tip toe down the hallway of the apartment we were living in, open the closet door, and steal some of the fabric I'd found in the closet.  The fabric belonged to my mother, and she'd sternly warned me to stay out of her fabric, but I was hard-headed.  I wanted to make pillows and skirts, and I believed that Momma wouldn't even notice that some of her fabric was missing.  I was wrong.
Also, when I was in the sixth grade, I had a teacher by the name of Mrs. Alexander.  Mrs. Alexander was considered one of the meanest teachers at the school, but after entering her classroom, I found that she wasn't actually as mean as people had labeled her to be.  She just didn't play around with the students.  She loved what she did, and she was passionate about maintaining a classroom of order.  She'd learned to make examples out of many students who'd decided to test her, and their lessons were talked about year after year.

Mrs. Alexander kept us busy working on something, but there were those few times when she'd be grading papers, and she'd tell us that we can sit at our desks and either read or write something, but we had to keep quiet.  During these times, I would take some of my notebook paper, fold it in half, staple the paper, draw on the cover, and write a book.  I was a pretty decent drawer (artist) and writer.

I kept writing these books because some of my classmates would ask me for them so they could read them.  One day, Mrs. Alexander asked to read one of my books, and I gave it to her.  I will never forget the look on her face when she told me that I was a good writer and I'd be an author someday.  I was excited and I couldn't wait to write another book, so after that day, I wrote during free time, I wrote at home, and I wrote anytime I had the time to write.  Mrs. Alexander placed a box by her desk and asked me if I would leave my books in the box, and I happily complied.  During free time, I used to be so overwhelmed by joy when some of my classmates would get up, take one of my books from the box, and go and read it.

As you can very well see, my purpose kept showing up in my life.  I was creative; I was a writer, and I was passionate.  But, as the years passed, I found myself going away from who I was to embrace who I'd learned to be, and this is what many women do or have done to this day.

Who you are is already on the inside of you, but pain, sin, doubt, fear and lack has locked your purpose up, but it could not throw away the key.  That's because JESUS CHRIST is the key to unlocking your purpose.


Your reality is only what's real to you.  It's whatever you have accepted as your truth, even when whatever you believe is untrue.  Sometimes our realities are nothing more than the manifested lies that we've grown familiar and comfortable with.  For example, poverty is reality for some people, and even though CHRIST has afforded us access to the blessings of GOD (supernatural ability to abound), many people have not yet tapped into those blessings.  In most cases, it's because they think poverty is GOD'S will for them, and we know this to be a lie.

My vision is to empower the women of GOD by not only teaching the truth, but serving the truth to women of every level (spiritual age) in a way that they can digest it.  My vision is to help the women who want to be helped to gain access to the all that GOD has availed to them.


  1. And may God bless you for it!!

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  3. Thank you for your ministry it has truly helped me since I found it on YouTube.

  4. My first time today in this website, I love this I love you may God keep using you

  5. I look forward to this God connection. I don't believe things happen by happenstance and that God maneuvers us toward His purpose, if we're attentive to His leading. I was lead here and look forward to see what God accomplishes in me through you. God bless!