Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Life's Sentence: Your Plans for You Versus God's Plans for You

Anytime we hear that someone has been given a life's sentence in prison, we know that their lives are pretty much over.  For the rest of their lives or the duration of their sentences (25 years or more), they will be monitored, controlled, and limited in their doings.  All the same, they will be restricted to a small cell that they'll likely share with another inmate or several inmates.  They'll be subjected to tormenting words, lewd behaviors, and a lifetime of regrets.  It goes without saying that there aren't many sane people (if any) who want to go to prison, and that's why most of us stay on our p's and q's and ensure that we follow every letter of the law.  But what about your life's sentence?  What have you limited yourself to?  Who have you limited yourself to?  Believe it or not, we have all given ourselves life sentences, and that's why God continues to extend new mercies to us everyday, all the while, renewing our minds whenever they need a refreshing.