How Do I Get Rid of a Soul Tie?
A Message from God to Single Women
Knowing Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong
The Reason for the Wait

When Ishmael Looks Like Isaac
When You're Not Ready to Be Found


  1. Your are such a blessing to me...ahaha stop trying to get a man who can't even pray for you, the only thing he can do is arguing with true

  2. Your videos especially 'the reason for the wait' has changed the course of my life! .. i knew something was wrong but i ignored it - didn't think it mattered! Was about to play with another man - when i mentioned his name in prayer,God would have it that i saw your video - and that was it! Girl you are are blessing - God is using you! Stay blessed! Vee

  3. Thank you for your videos. Its been a blessing. I am a single girl, 22 working abroad. I am Italian and lived in Australia for 2 years, I was exposed to fornication cause I wanted to find a boyfriend while I was there and went through hard times. I found Christ and have been a christian for an year now. I am in Spain at the moment. This platform is such a blessing. I am praying for a Godly husband but I realised that beore I receive that, I need to stop thinking that I am alone and depressed and need to live my Christian life to the fullest. I appreciate your prayers and support.