Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jezebel... At the Dog Park

My Saturdays are usually the same.  I get up pretty late in the afternoon (around three or four) and after getting dressed, I normally take my dog out for an hour long walk.  When I return home, I start preparing for what I call my date with God.  I'll choose the restaurant that I want to go to or wherever God sends me, and I'll go and dine in.  While at my table, I will oftentimes listen to some of my favorite gospel/ Christian songs on YouTube and I'll try not to get too carried away.  Nevertheless, this Saturday was different.  I woke up earlier than normal and I didn't feel like following my normal routine.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Servants Who Don't Actually Serve

It was the weekend and I'd decided to visit a popular restaurant in my area with a friend of mine.  We were both very hungry and I couldn't wait to order one of my favorite menu items.  After we were led to our seats, our waiter proceeded to tell us about the different alcoholic beverages that were popular at that restaurant.  Of course, I don't drink alcohol and neither does my SIL (sister in the Lord), but we had to wait for the waiter to stop his long, rehearsed speech before requesting our soft drinks.  "Oh," said the waiter.  "I'm over here wasting my breath and telling y'all about alcohol and here it is that y'all want soft drinks."  We laughed and I explained to the waiter that we were both non-drinkers.  I told him that I was in ministry, and with that, he gave me an expressive look before saying, "Well, praise the Lord."  After that, the waiter let us know that our food would be out shortly, and then, he walked away.