Monday, April 3, 2017

See Together or Be Together (Spritual Insight vs Naturual Eyesight)

Life, for the Christian, is a two-part process that leads to another process. First the Christian lives as an unbeliever and then he or she dies to the world to live in Christ Jesus. After the Christian is born again, he or she must grow up in the Lord. This is the part of the process that most Christians forsake and do not respect. Because of this, many lukewarm believers end up in lukewarm relationships with unbelievers, backslidden believers, or wolves in sheep's clothing. The truth is ... once we're born again, a new process starts and that process is the slow and intentional dying to ourselves to live as Christ Jesus. It is forsaking the old man and putting on the new man. It is learning to see through the eyes of God, rather than being led astray by the blindness of our flesh. You see, the flesh leads us to choose people who are nothing but the equivalent of demons wearing their favorite outfits (beautifully designed flesh). When we are babes in Christ, our eyesight has not yet matured enough for us to soundly choose life partners for ourselves. Spiritual maturity causes our natural eyesight to be transformed by our spiritual insight. What this means is ... people we once would have regarded as "okay" or unattractive will suddenly look attractive to us when they are in submission to God. Now, this doesn't mean that we'll become blind and suddenly accept people that we are not attracted to. What it does mean is that God will open our eyes to see a whole new group of people who we were once blind to, people we've somehow managed to overlook when we were once blind.