What's Beautiful to You?

In our culture, we've learned to identify certain features as beautiful, and women who don't have those features often see themselves as inferior to the women who do have those features.  At the same time, many young women are led astray by the notion that beautiful people lead better lives, when this just isn't truth.

Look at the models below, and decide who's beautiful to you.  You don't have to post up your answers, but this is a self reflective exercise geared at helping you to understand whether or not you are seeing yourself and others through society's (the world's) eyes.
And YES, every one of these women are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Look at the models below, and anytime you see a model that you don't feel is beautiful, ask yourself what feature or features you believe are unattractive on that model.  Sure, we can all be truthful and say that everyone of these women are beautiful, and they are, but culture has trained us to see beauty through its eyes.  And with this stronghold on our minds, it's hard for us to recognize true beauty because we are looking at people from eyes that are plugged in to deformed thinking.

 MODEL 001
 MODEL 002
 MODEL 003

 MODEL 004
 MODEL 005
 MODEL 006
 MODEL 007
 MODEL 008
 MODEL 009
 MODEL 010
 MODEL 011




 MODEL 014
 MODEL 015




 MODEL 019

 MODEL 020

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