Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Purity Posters

I am more than excited to announce the release of our new Web Angels Purity Posters!  Of course, there is a story behind everything and I'm always ready for story-time!  So, what's the story, you ask?  It's simple.  For years now, I have been having visions of different forms of art that I am going to someday create, but I'd never had a vision of a Purity Poster until a few days ago.  I don't know if there was something external that sparked this vision, but what I do know is... I saw a beautiful bedroom with a Purity Poster hanging over the bed.  Not long after I envisioned the Purity Posters, the Lord began to download all sorts of ideas and quotes into my heart.  I couldn't wait to implement the new idea, but I had a few customers who were anxiously awaiting the fulfillment of their orders through my company, so I was planning to put the Purity Posters off to keep up with my schedule.  How many of us know that God will not allow us to put Him off for anything or anyone?  Anyhow, the tug on my heart was more than distracting; it overwhelmed my whole thought process, so I sat down and began to create the Purity Posters using the many quotes the Lord was dropping into me.  What's amazing is I was still able to fill my customers' orders and bring to fruition the vision God had entrusted me with.

What is a Purity Poster?  Initially, my thought was that Purity Posters would be restricted to the bedroom and would serve as a daily reminder to women that their bodies belong to God.  To be transparent with you, I thought of a woman who was foolishly heading towards her bedroom with her "boyfriend" in tow.  Once she opened her bedroom's door, the Purity Poster would silently rebuke her and help her to escape the attack that she was about to unleash against her body, soul and life in general.  Nevertheless, God has helped me to see that the Purity Posters are not designed to help scare lust-filled women into submission.  After all, He doesn't use fear tactics to get us into submission.  As the vision became clearer, I began to understand the magnitude of the vision God had given me.  Purity Posters are for every room of the house (unless specifically noted on the picture) and they are for both men and women.  They aren't designed to scare anyone; they are God's way of ministering to and encouraging us through art.  They are ice-breakers; art that serves as conversation pieces... art that sparks the right kinds of conversations.  They are, in a sense, ministering angels that remind us daily of our commitments to God.  They are for men, women and children and they can be hung on any wall of the house or simply set on top of a dresser or any other furniture that's leaning against a wall.

Purity Posters are $5.99 for (16 x 20 inch) and $7.99 for (24 x 36 inch).  This price does not include prints, but is for the graphic file only.  You can have your Purity Poster printed at any local print shop in your area on whatever type of paper or canvas you want.  I had my Purity Posters printed at Office Depot by uploading files online.  I chose to have mine printed on a foam board canvas (see pictures below) and they look better than great.  I have the 24 x 36 inch poster hanging over my bed and the 16 x 20 inch poster sitting atop one of my ottomans. 

Know This:
1. Print them at an affordable print shop.  Prints can be expensive if you use the wrong printer.  I tend to use larger print shops because they are oftentimes more affordable.
2. Print your Purity Poster at a shop where you can choose from different finishes (matte, gloss, satin) and different canvases. 
3. Not all print shops are equal.  Some have equipment that are inferior to the equipment used by other print shops, which would translate to you receiving posters that aren't as color rich as they should be.
4. Upload your Purity Poster online (if you can) and be sure to select "in store pickup".  If you do not select "in store pickup", you will have to wait several days for your poster to be sent to you, but if you choose to pick the poster up, it is generally ready on the same day (depending on the printer you choose).
5. Make sure the printer doesn't bend the paper.  When I went to pick up my first poster (the 16 x20), I noticed a small crease on the bottom, right-side of my poster.  I wish I had made them reprint it, but I was too excited about seeing it for the first time that I hurried up and paid for the poster, ran out the door and rushed home.  Don't be like me.

The posters are customizable, so you can have the colors and text change, plus, we are now allowing you to upload your poems. 

Check out some of the available Purity Posters below.  You can also visit our site to see more Purity Posters and to purchase your own.


  1. WOW this is so powerful and resonates so deep in my soul!!! All of them I want, but I know 2 will do. Thank you for being open and obedient to the revelation of this powerful creation.God bless you and may he continue to use you!

  2. I promise. No kiss, no sex before marriage. I promise to wait for my God ordained appointed husband in Jesus name.

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