Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Jezebels of the Singles' Movement

Here's the truth: Not every single-wife-in-waiting is going to complete her season of singleness.  Not every single woman of God who's taken a purity pledge will be found by her God-appointed husband, and of course, there is a reason for this.  The reason is... not every wife-in-waiting is willing to endure the entire process of being made ready for her God-appointed husband.  After all, this process can be lengthy, painful and require a lot of self-adjustments that not only will change our lives as we know them, but it will change us entirely.  Let's face it... We're all waiting from within whatsoever mindsets we've picked up over the courses of our lives and it's easy to convince ourselves that there is nothing wrong with the way we think, when in truth, there is.

A lot of women in waiting have come from Jezebel lineages, and even though they have given themselves to God, they still have to be healed, restored and fully delivered from the residue of their Jezebellic families.  If they are not fully delivered, they will slowly return to their vomit (old mindsets/ sins) when times get tough in their marriages, and that's why God has them to endure one change after the other so that they can be the wives He has designed them to be.  Understand that women who come from Jezebel lineages only know how to deal with men the way they've seen their predecessors deal with men.  Sure, they may "plan" to love their husbands, be faithful to their husbands and be the best wives they can be, but the truth is... whenever we are tested by trials, whatever we are not delivered from will surface.  In other words, should these women get married in the states they're in, they would be good wives in good times, but when the fire of a trial hits them, they'd turn to witchcraft to deal with those trials.  That's why it's important for us to be tried and tested while we're single so we can see how we deal with opposition.  That way, if we find that we don't behave as women of God, we can take our hearts to God, confess our sins to Him and be delivered from them.

Sometimes, a woman won't know how much changing she has to do until she's tested.  She may find herself being approached by the wrong man, and the guy happens to look and sound a lot like the man of God she's envisioned for herself.  He's handsome, God-fearing, and successful; He has just about every attribute she wants in her husband.  The only problem is... he's not that close to God.  Sure, he's been to church a few times and maybe even gotten baptized, but his walk with Christ is questionable.  Nevertheless, the wife-in-waiting sees the potential in him and decides to give him a try.  Deep within her heart, she knows that he is not "the one", but he's too good of a candidate to pass up in her eyes, so she tells herself the following:
  • "It's not like he's a bad guy.  He just needs a push in Christ's direction and he will make an awesome man of God."
  • "His mother's in church.  His father is a pastor, so it's in his blood to do the right thing."
  • "He's willing to come to church with me, so that's a plus."
  • "My pastor is an awesome man of God.  After I've taken my new friend to church with me a few times, there is just no way that he'll still be the same.  After Pastor gets a hold of him, he'll be on his way to becoming the man of God I know he has the potential to be."
  • "Nobody's perfect."

After this line of reasoning, the woman-in-testing begins to question every other woman's walk with the Lord.  It's easier for her to believe that everyone else has failed the test that she's failing than it is for her to accept the fact that she is not ready to be found by her assigned husband just yet.  It's not easy for her to accept that she clearly needs deliverance, so she continues on with her beau, and she slowly begins to break one rule after another.  At one point, she'd announced that she would not kiss any man until she's married to him, but that proclamation becomes a thing of the past as soon as her Ishmael leans in for a reward he has not yet earned.  Before long, she's shared many passionate kisses with him and the lusts of her flesh have been awakened by the lusts of his flesh, and then, it happens: she falls.  Ishmael leads her into sexual immorality and the soul tie is established between the two of them.  Ashamed, she keeps her fall a secret and continues to pretend that she has endured the tests of time and been found by her God-ordained husband.  Convicted by her reality, she starts speaking all the more to her Ishmael about marriage and she agrees to marry her.  She then takes to social media to announce her engagement, but she does not announce the darkness she's had to go into to get that engagement.  She tries to pass her new beau off as her God-appointed husband, but the truth is... he's just another Ishmael who's gotten past her discernment and into her bed.  She marries her new beau and tries to pass her story off as another a love story written in Heaven and narrated by God, Himself.  God will not be mocked, so He allows her to put her version of the story on a pedestal; that way, He can pull back the curtains and reveal the truth.

But wait... Why wouldn't God just let her continue on with the lie, seeing as it is, that she's trying to give Him the glory?  God doesn't need our lies because any lie that He doesn't shine the light on, Satan will eventually expose.  At the same time, she has not endured the full length of the process required to be made wife-ready, which means, she's going to encourage women who are not ready to go out and try to make their marriages happen on their own.  Of course, this translates to them marrying the wrong men.  In other words, she's going to lead God's people astray, and He's not willing to watch His daughters fall one-by-one simply because of one woman's impatience.  Instead, God would rather expose her sexual immorality than to watch His daughters be misled into the arms of the enemy.  At the same time, she's not that interested in giving God the glory.  She wants the glory and recognition for herself and God sees this.  The reality is... such a woman has fallen into the snare of the Jezebel spirit, and because of this, she is unknowingly leading many of God's people into sexual sin.  At the same time, many ministers of God see her nakedness (shame) and keep their mouths quiet out of fear of being persecuted.
Revelation 2:20 (ESV): But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.

A few years go by and the now married woman has grown tired of her husband.  She's been trying to push him into ministry for many years, and after seeing that he has no zeal for ministry or he has no interest in growing his ministry, she begins to lose respect for him.  She doesn't care that he has no zeal for God.  Her frustration is that he has no zeal for ministry or no desire to become a mega-pastor; after all, she sees ministry as an opportunity to promote herself.  Understand that Jezebel wants to be in a position of authority and the more people she has following her, the greater kingdom she can establish for herself.  She emasculates her Ahab day after day and disguises this emasculation as holy boldness.  She's grown tired of being married to a man who wants nothing more than to enjoy the perks of marriage but does not want the responsibilities of marriage.  In her mind, he's ruining everything she's worked hard to acquire, and she's had to "man-up" many days and take on responsibilities that he should have taken on.  One thing you need to understand about Ahab is that he does not want the responsibilities of being a man.  He likes the perks of being king, but he does not like running a kingdom.  He hates taking charge or having to make any major decisions of his own and that's why he surrounds himself with false prophets and hands his authority (power) to Jezebel.  Because of this, he will pass most, if not all, of his duties on to his frustrated wife.  At the same time, his growing porn collection, if exposed, will bring her great shame.  After years of waiting for her beau to change, she finally exits the marriage and tries to savage what's left of her name.  Jezebel re-enters the singles' movement, casting herself as a victim, rather than just admitting that she did not complete the wait; instead, she entered sexual immorality and nabbed her man the way she knew how to.  She seduced him with her words, confused him with her profession of faith and locked her soul with his by lying down with him.  After her new prey slept with her, he found himself looking into the eyes of his tearful "illegal" wife as she explained that by sleeping with him, she has offended God.  Nevertheless, the truth is... this is a part of Jezebel's web of manipulation.  She wants him to marry her because in her religiousness, she'd convinced herself that God did not see her wicked heart, but instead, is pleased with her.  That's because Jezebel worships the image of God, but not the reality of JEHOVAH.  

I noticed a woman on social media some time ago who kept promoting herself as a prophetess of God.  My spirit did not bear witness to her self-professed title, but I kept quiet because God had not specifically told me to address her.  My discernment kicked in, of course, and discernment comes from God, so in a way, He did let me know that she was not His prophetess.  The woman was in a relationship with a guy who I could tell was not that into God.  He was clearly religious, but not godly.  I could also tell that the guy had a calling on his life, even though he was not fully operating in that calling.  It goes without saying that Satan sent that woman to him to intercept him while he was still in his wilderness.  Nevertheless, the woman (we'll call her Lola) clearly wanted to marry the guy.  She'd inserted herself into the singles' movement and it was clear that she was trying to make a name for herself, but before she could do so, she wanted to convince her guy to marry her.  

Somehow, Lola's news stories kept showing up at the top of my Facebook feed, which is abnormal given that I didn't visit her page, nor did I get involved in any of the discussions she'd started.  The reason for this was I saw how manipulative she was.  She kept hinting about marriage and tagging her "boyfriend" in her statuses.  I noticed that she kept sharing memes about marriage and talking about prophecies she'd gotten about marriage.  After that, her manipulation shifted to hints of pregnancy.  Of course, she'd pretended to be a pure woman, waiting for marriage to have sex, but any woman who's been in the world can see when another woman is trying to hint around that she might be pregnant.  She kept posting statuses about craving strange foods, craving pickles, feeling nauseated and feeling dizzy.  She was more than determined to get the man she'd joined her soul with to marry her; she was desperate.

Lola's statuses continued to grow darker as she attempted to prophesy with an uncovered head.  To prophesy with an uncovered head means that she has no covering, or better yet, authority.  The covering in question is not a ministerial covering, but the covering of a husband.  Any woman who's having sex has to be covered by her husband, otherwise, she exposes herself to the demonic.  This means that if a woman has not legally married a husband, but is practicing fornication, she should not prophesy because it is as if she were naked.  She is exposed in the realm of the spirit and this exposure will cause her to tap into familiar spirits.  When these familiar spirits speak to her, she will think that she's hearing from God, when in truth, she's tapped into the demonic.
1 Corinthians 11:5-6 (KJV): But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.

Believe it or not, there are a LOT of Lolas in the singles' movement.  What causes a woman to fall into the snares of witchcraft, all the while, professing her faith in God?  The answer is simple: selfish ambition.  Selfish ambition is launched, stirred up and encouraged by the works of the flesh.
Galatians 5:19-21: Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Simply put, the woman in question does not have her flesh under control and this promotes the witchcraft that she involves herself in.  She repeatedly puts her wants, needs and desires before God, but because she frequents the sanctuary, has received prophecies, reads her bible and promotes God to her peers, she has convinced herself that God is pleased with her life.  She has convinced herself that her rebellion is not witchcraft since she has apologized (not repented) to God for them.  Because of this, God has rejected her from being His prophetess.... even though she may truly have a prophetic mantle on her life.
1 Samuel 15:23 (KJV/ 2000): For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has also rejected you from being king.
Proverbs 30:20 (ESV): This is the way of an adulteress: she eats and wipes her mouth and says, “I have done no wrong.”
Romans 11:29 (KJV): For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

In her public time, she preaches, prophesies and encourages others, but in her private time, Jezebel is seductive, manipulative and arrogant.  Her false humility has gained her the right to be called a chameleon.  She tugs on the hearts of others by casting herself as a victim.  Everyone in her life, to her, is nothing but a tool to be used at her discretion.  When she's publicly ridiculed or humiliated, she will call on the people she's seduced with her lies to come out and attack whomever she feels is exposing her.  She is a liar and a thief, much like her father (Satan), whereas, she takes what does not belong to her and labels them as blessings.  Jezebel has taken on many roles and faces, but now, one of her favorite roles is to cast herself as a pure woman, when in truth, she is impure.  Because of her almost impenetrable pride, Jezebel will not admit to her sins (unless she can use them for her benefit), nor will she wait on God to deliver her from the familiar spirits that have haunted her family generation after generation.  Instead, she will continue to cast herself as a woman of God until the bitterness within her consumes what's left of her beauty and her demons can no longer hide.  

The point is... as a woman of God, you need to be VERY careful who you are following.  If you have not prayed about the people you are following, you are out of line.  God did not tell us to test some of the spirits; He said to test them all!
1 John 4:1 (ESV): Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

There are people out there who look like men and women of God, but they are demonic soldiers of Satan designed to lead God's people astray.  Understand this: A Jezebel doesn't always look like what we perceive a Jezebel to be.  Sometimes, the women bearing these demons look innocent, calm, loving and harmless, but if you'll dare look again through the eyes of discernment, you will seek a wicked seed in their eyes.  If you keep looking, you will see the fruit that grows from that seed, and if you keep looking, you will see that fruit when it reaches its full height... right before God cuts it down.  Jezebel's story always ends the same way... she will eventually be confronted by a Jehu (man or woman of God) and thrown off her wall (pedestal) by her own eunuchs (the people she's castrated or belittled).  

At the same time, as women of God, we have to be VERY careful what we allow to take residence in our hearts.  If you've come from a Jezebellic lineage, you need to stay in the face of God and definitely allow Him to choose your husband for you.  That way, He will have delivered you from the curse of your family, given you a new heart and a new mind, and then, gave you an Esther anointing, whereas, your obedience to Him will help you to become a righteous queen instead of a wicked one.  You will be your husband's crown and honor, and because of your obedience to God, many people who would have perished from lack of knowledge will be saved.  They will see the lengths in which you were willing to go to be free and remain free, and they will see how God has blessed you because of that obedience.  Many women will denounce the generational curses and devils in their family and divorce those spirits once and for all... just because you divorced yours.  Stop trying to get a husband when your heart isn't ready for submission or you may find yourself married to the wrong man and repeatedly castrating him because he refuses to put you on the throne you feel you're supposed to be seated on.  Your king is out there, but the King of kings wants to deal with your heart first; that way, you don't become a wicked leader and you're not led by a wicked leader.  I dare you right now to pray about every leader in your life (including me) and ask God to reveal who He's using versus who Satan is using.  That's what God wants.  He wants His position back as the head of your life.  He doesn't want to be your back-up God; He wants to be the One you come to first and foremost.  Give Him His position back and watch as He leads you into some pretty awesome places!


  1. Thank you for these nuggets of wisdom! Sometimes we can be so blinded by our desires that we move out of God's timing & break His heart while we're at it. I truly desire to please Him first. Then, I can be ready for Mr. God-Ordained! My prayer: Lord, please deliver me & make me ready...

  2. Thank you for these nuggets of wisdom! Sometimes we can be so blinded by our desires that we move out of God's timing & break His heart while we're at it. I truly desire to please Him first. Then, I can be ready for Mr. God-Ordained! My prayer: Lord, please deliver me & make me ready...

  3. Very Powerful Tiffany.. We are seeing the rise if Jezebel in the body if Christ now.. more than ever. You described her well..After any experience with her, because she is so vicious, I rejoice in her fall. You bring much awareness in this message. Blessings

  4. Very Powerful Tiffany.. We are seeing the rise if Jezebel in the body if Christ now.. more than ever. You described her well..After any experience with her, because she is so vicious, I rejoice in her fall. You bring much awareness in this message. Blessings

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  7. Love it Tiff!❤💙💟💞💝💟💗

  8. I have been through alot and at this point I am willing to go along with this true wisdom of the Most High God! I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE! I LOVE you sister. I appreciate your prayers and support for the best outcome in a the men and women in the kingdom of God. Thank You For This Rama Word

  9. This is so powerful and it's truth as well. I actually just went through a very similar situation. Now that God has revealed to me what I was doing, I try to help keep other women from going down the same path.God bless you for sharing!

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    Scott Loper