Saturday, October 18, 2014

10 Tips For the Waiting Woman

1. Try your thoughts. Never allow a thought to become a fantasy, otherwise, you won't rebuke it if it's from the enemy. Instead, when a "pleasurable" thought dances around in your mind, draw the Sword (WORD) and try it. How do you try it? Simply pay attention to the details, and if there be any part of that imagination that goes against the WORD of GOD in any way, that thought is not from GOD. If it's not from GOD, cast it down. In other words, hit it with the Sword (speak the WORD aloud against it).

 2. Remember, he may be "a" husband, but that doesn't mean he's "your" husband. A lot of believing women find themselves staring into the eyes of GOD-fearing men, and they convince themselves that those men are "their" husbands simply because these men are in church. But GOD is not a "potential" GOD; HE is GOD alone. In other words, HE is not going to send potentials your way; instead, HE will send the appointed one in due season if you don't faint.

3. Just because you're a wife doesn't mean you're his wife. Sometimes, we can feel in the depths of our souls that we are wives, and if we're not careful, we'll end up standing at the altar with somebody else's husband. 

4. Sexy women get sexed; wise women get married. If you live long enough and really pay attention to relationships, you'll notice that women who put too much time into being sexy often remain unmarried (legally, that is) for the rest of their lives, but they're rarely single. That's because being visually appealing and sexually attractive is common. What's uncommon, however, is wisdom. Perverts settle down with sexy women (for a little while), but wise men seek wise women because they want to spend their lives with them. Don't spend too much time and money adorning the outer woman; invest in the inner woman: the woman who never ages, but is only made more beautiful by wisdom.

 5. Sex only takes up 1% of the day, even though more than 50% of Christian women marry because they want legal sex. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that there are 24 hours in a day. Marrying a man just because you want to have sex is never a wise move. What happens after sex is over? Let's do the math. There are 24 hours in a day, and on average, most Americans work 8 hours a day; they sleep 8 hours a day, and they're awake and at home for 8 hours a day. The average sexual encounter lasts anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. You have to think about what will happen when the two of you are not in bed with each other. If you're unequally yoked, it'll eventually translate into the bedroom.

 6. Just because you're ready to be found doesn't mean you're ready to be found by your GOD-ordained husband. Sure, you may be anxious and you may be wise, but you don't know the level GOD has called you to. For this reason, being impatient with GOD won't move HIM in your favor. You can be a powerful, fire-throwing, anointed and appointed woman of GOD and still not be ready for the husband GOD has chosen for you.

7. Set the right foundation.  Anytime a man approaches you and expresses interest in courting you, ask yourself what would be the foundation of your relationship with him.  If you're consider getting with him because you're anxious, lonely, sexually impatient, or strapped for cash, the foundation of your relationship is worry, flesh and fear.  That would tell you right away that GOD did not send that man, and you need to spend some time at the altar.  Remember, the Bible tells us that only what we do for GOD will last; therefore, if we launch relationships for ourselves, we'll eventually find ourselves by ourselves.

8. Respect the process.  There is a process to being found by your GOD-appointed husband, but most women don't respect the process because they're anxious to be lying next to their beaus and telling him about the events of their lives.  Because of anxiousness, many women find themselves in the arms of men who are not their GOD-appointed spouses, and that's when they find out just how not ready for marriage they were.  GOD knows what's in you; HE knows what you need to be delivered from, and HE knows the height you're called to reach.  That's why HE wants to set you free and set you up with the husband HE has appointed for you.  But if you don't respect the process, you'll take a man when you're not ready, and because like attracts after like, you'll end up with a man who's not ripe himself.  Even if you think you're ready today, please remember that only GOD knows when you're truly ready for the husband HE has appointed for you.

9. Don't let your blind eyes destroy your life.  Some men are beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, they are mangy, ravenous wolves.  The eyes can and will deceive you if you let them.  The enemy knows what you like, and he'll happily send you one of the most hideous demons wrapped in some of the most handsome flesh you've ever seen.  His face will be beautiful, his tongue will speak beautiful words, and his voice will captivating.  Demons will serenade your mind as you get lost in that man's eyes, and before you know it, that demon will be on his knees asking you, "Will you be my fool for life?" but all you'll hear is, "Will you marry me?"  Don't be a fool; try the spirits by the spirit to see if they are of GOD.  Stop trying men by their good looks before you end up dreaming about Heaven while wrapped in Satan's arms.

10. Don't let your deaf ears destroy your life.  So many women get caught up in the words spoken to them by their beaus to the point that they forget that there is a such thing as a lie, and there is a person as a liar.  But when we look to others for validation, anytime they speak pleasant things to our ears, we'll temporarily shut off wisdom, bind understanding and lock out knowledge for the chance to dine with the devil.  Every spirit that approaches you must be tried by the WORD, not by its many words!

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  1. I have definitely struggled with the last one. I am well aware of it would know still become a fool.But God is good and maturing in every area in my life to become the woman of God I am destined to be.