Friday, October 31, 2014

Why You Should Never Try to Fit In

I'm different.  I came to accept that fact a long time ago.  How did I come to the conclusion that I'm just different, and not weird?  Because I took who I am to GOD and HE explained to me that I am the way HE created me.  In other words, HE gave me understanding, and with understanding, all of my questions were answered and my fears put away.

But how did I come to the point where I questioned my own ways?  It's simple: Because of a mindset that's commonly found in this world today, and this mindset is: If you stand out, something must be wrong with you. That's why GOD warned us to be not conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  If we allow this world to tell us what's normal and what's abnormal, we'll estrange ourselves from GOD trying to fit in.

The media and government oftentimes indirectly encourages people to be of a like mind, and that's why scientists are making billions of dollars coming up with names to identify certain traits that make people stand out, and then, by offering a "cure" for those traits.  The way this system works is:
  • A behavior or trait is identified.  
  • Some scientist decides to study that behavior or trait with the intentions of getting it classified as a mental disorder. 
  • The scientist pairs up with a University (to save money and use their equipment) in his or her attempts to get a mindset classified as a disorder.  
  • The University gets funding from the government to conduct these experiments.
  • Years pass by, and after much studying, one of the University's students or scientists is able to draw a conclusion, and make a reasonable argument for their beliefs.  (Note: In many cases, the studies are one-sided and designed to prove the scientist's point.  Even if the study disproves that scientist's theory, the University will continue to work towards getting that scientist the report he or she wants.  After all, they are both benefiting.
  • After drawing a conclusion, the University and scientist patent their findings.
  • The findings are pushed and eventually established as a disorder.
  • The same scientist who'd spent many years trying to classify that disorder reveals his or her findings and writes a book about that disorder.  His or her book will be sold to Universities and governmental agencies worldwide for research. 
  • The University that was working with that scientist suddenly appears with a treatment for the newly classified disorder.  (P.S. They were working on the treatment from the start.  They don't suggest cures because there really is no problem, and besides, a person who's being treated will always need their treatments; whereas, a person who is cured only need enough medicine to get them cured).
Believe it or not, this "finding system" has everything to do with the love of money and absolutely nothing to do with actually helping people.  After all, how can you heal a man who isn't sick?  You can't.
The goal for the world's system (government, spiritual wickedness in high places) is to create a world where people are free to sin as they want, as long as they keep pouring money into a system that not only lies to them, but sees them as nothing more than slaves.  And not just any slave, but the kind of slave who doesn't realize that he or she is a slave: A slave who gets to hold the slave-master's money for a few days before being required to pay it back into this world's system (taxes, penalties, bills, etc.).

I suspect that as the years go by, this world will become more and more wicked, causing them to become less forgiving towards people who don't fit into a devil-crafted mold.  That's because the enemy wants people in mental prisons; prisons in which he understands and controls.  The enemy wants us to chase our to speak.  He wants to raise up people to be worshipped (celebrities) who encourage their followers to embrace mindsets like the ones they channel; all the while, walking away from who they were originally created to be.  He wants us to get lost in who we're trying to be, and this way, he can tell us how to behave, think or reason using the very people in which he's empowered and enriched.  In doing this, he can easily identify anyone who stands out.  He can identify any Moses amongst the people, and he can quickly annihilate anybody he believes will threaten his agenda. 

Today, our fashions, fads and lingo are shaped by the celebrity culture.  The purpose of many demonically led idols (celebrities) is to plant seeds in the minds of everyone who listens to their music, and anyone who idolizes them.  Remember, every exciting new trend or new phrase has an origin, and if you can trace back the origin, you can follow the footsteps of the demons, powers or principalities who's inspired those cultures.  Once a celebrity rises to the top of the pyramid, he or she begins to inspire trends and lifestyles, and the people who follow that celebrity will often follow suit.  They'll begin to dress and speak using a lingo only understood by people who are involved in that culture.
Is this post too deep?  Okay, I'll lighten up.

You're different.  Say it out loud: I'm different and that's okay.  You may feel out of place when you're around others, and you'll notice how far some people will go to fit in because they're too afraid to stand out.  That's the average person today, because today's media reflects the opinions of the people writing the shows and the music, and all too often, they are unsaved (Atheists) who want to steer this country away from Christianity.  For this reason, Christianity is classified as a religion, when it is not a religion; it is a lifestyle.  But classifying it as a religion makes it easier to write if off as nothing more than a religious gang who uses symbols as its gang signs and controls its followers through a list of rules.

You're different.  Stop trying to fit in when you were clearly created to stand out.

You're different.  You don't have to prove yourself to anyone, so stop trying.

You're different.  You should never be ashamed to be as blessed as you are.

You're different.  Sure, it feels great to fit in and be accepted, but in order to do so, you must become a slave to the culture of whatever group you are attempting to fit into.

You're different.  Just because some woman or some group of women didn't like you doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you.  It simply means that they don't know how to deal with a person who stands outside of their understandings; therefore, they tried to label you in an attempt to classify you.  That's their way of trying to find a way to either understand you or write you off.  Sometimes, you just have to accept that they don't have the wisdom, knowledge or understanding to acknowledge, befriend or accept you.

You're different.  And trying to be like everyone else is an insult to GOD because HE created you to be who you are, and HE created you in love.  The people who encourage you to be like themselves aren't doing it out of love; they are trying to create sheep to follow their self-inspired cultures or the cultures that they follow.

You're different.  Remember, GOD is a peculiar GOD, and anything or anyone created by HIM is also peculiar.  The enemy encourages people to be familiar, because in doing so, they open themselves up to familiar spirits.

You're different.  Get it.  Accept it.  Embrace it.  Now be it.

What happens if you try to fit in?  Your anointing is going to make you stand out, regardless of what you do.  This places you in harm's way because the people who do not serve or fear the LORD will view you as a threat.  Additionally, you may run across a few Sauls who'll love you when you serve them, but try to destroy you when it's revealed that you're a David.  In fitting in, you will have to denounce many of the mindsets and traits that GOD has given you, and put on the familiar mindsets and traits of the culture you're trying to fit into so they can identify you or identify with you.  If you cannot successfully fit in, you may be declared mentally ill or unstable, because the world's system recognizes certain traits as normal, and any traits that indicate that a person has no desire to fit in, but will instead stand out, is classified as mental instability...but only for middle class and poor people.  This goes back to the old English system of ensuring that the rich remain rich for generations upon generations, and the poor remain poor for generations upon generations.  In old England, whatever a man's father was (occupation-wise), he had to also become.  This ensured the wealthy that their children would carry on their legacies and the children of their hired servants would remain servants of their children.
You'll notice that rich people aren't usually labeled as mentally ill; instead, the media often says they had mental breakdowns, oftentimes, from exhaustion.  If you, on the other hand, have that same breakdown, you'd likely be classified as mentally ill, drugged and possibly institutionalized.  For this reason, you should embrace who you are and stop trying to fit into a system that is designed to maintain you as a slave to it and keep you from ever being successful.  Remember, a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

When you look into your closet, wear what you want to wear.  When you look into your heart, be who you want to be.  Any and everyone who does not accept you as you are is not called to be a part of your life.  Don't reject CHRIST trying to fit in.  Your purpose is your name badge, and your name is your purpose.  Find out who GOD created you to be and be that person.  Your success, healing, deliverance and joy is found in your identity; not man's perception of who you should be, but the unique name that GOD has called you to be.  You're different.  It's time to accept that and build from there.

As for me, I've learned to not only embrace the fact that I'm different, but to separate myself from anyone who cannot or will not embrace who I am as a whole.  As soon as I hear a person trying to tell me what they perceive to be wrong with me, I take three-hundred and sixty-five steps backwards, or in other words, I stay away from them.  When a friend tried to criticize me for embracing the many hats GOD has given me (graphic design, web design, writing, photography, etc.), I backed off.  A few years back, an old co-worker of mine said that I was too smart, and people who were that smart usually end up going crazy.  I backed off.  I am who I am, and I'm happy to be who I am.  I refuse to let a person or a system tell me that because I've never went to college that I'm supposed to be a nobody...the devil is a liar!  I refuse to let a person or a system tell me how to live, and because of that, I am happier now than I've ever been in my whole life.  That's because I'm not controlled by people; I am fully submitted to GOD.

You're different.  Be you!  Sure, many people will walk away from you, and these are people that you love and respect, but that's okay!  That's the way GOD designed peace.  To pursue peace, you have to separate yourself from troublemakers, contentious people, gossipers, slanderers and demonically possessed souls.  To pursue peace, you have to be willing to be alone...if but for a season.  To pursue peace, you have to be willing to step outside of your understanding and rely wholly on GOD.  But here's the beautiful thing (And I'm a living witness):  When you find peace, you will never be able to return to how you once were.  There's something beautiful and refreshing in one's ability to find joy within self.

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